How to Get Your DIY Underfloor Heating Right

For those DIYers out there, try our Comfort Heat DIY electric underfloor heating kit that comes complete with everything you need to complete and test your installation. Heating cables or mats, thermostat, floor sensors, detailed instructions and custom design layout.

Comfort Heat offers an excellent range of DIY kits, with many people now choosing to install their own heated floors and save themselves money on installation costs. If you’re considering installing your own floor heating at home, here are a few things that you’ll need to think about. 

Follow the instructions

Make sure your DIY electric underfloor heating kit comes with detailed, step-by-step instructions which make it easy for anyone with basic DIY or home handyman experience to manage on their own. Take the time to familiarise yourself with the instructions and make sure you’ve got everything you need before you get started. Make the area as safe as possible during the installation, so you need to prepare your tools and the contents of the kit as well as the space in which you are working.

Do your research

The instructions you’ll receive are detailed and easy to follow, but it’s always best to do your research beforehand and ensure you’re 100% sure of what’s involved. Watch our Comfort Heat videos on YouTube, always make sure you’re watching videos that outline the installation of the same underfloor heating system. If you can’t find a video of the model you’re planning to install, watch instructional videos but still follow the instructions step by step. 

Ask for help (If you need it)

Even those with extensive DIY experience find themselves lost at times, so if you’re unsure of something in the instructions or something doesn’t make sense, ask our friendly team at Comfort Heat. As it is better to be safe than sorry.

What’s in a DIY electric underfloor heating kit?

Comfort Heat underfloor heating kits come complete with everything you need to install your new heated floor system yourself, which in addition to a detailed guide with step-by-step instructions, also includes:

  • Electric heating cable or mats
  • Floor sensor tube
  • Cable design layout
  • Retaining mesh, strip or tape
  • Cable ties
  • Electrical loads and wiring diagrams
  • Electronic wall thermostat with floor sensors
  • Cable Watchdog (to prevent damage during the installation).

If you’re up to the task of installing an underfloor heating system on your own, Comfort Heat offers hydronic and electric underfloor heating kits to suit existing home  and and hew builds. If you’d like a quote or a chat to a team member about your project, don’t hesitate to contact Comfort Heat today on 02 9979 8600.

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