What is the difference between electric and hydronic underfloor heating? Great question.

Hydronic underfloor heating is hot water in pipes and electric underfloor heating is an electric heating element. The hot water in a hydronic system can be heated by a range of heat sources, i.e gas or heat pump. Electric heating cable requires electricity.

Hydronic is typically installed in large areas over 80m2 as hydronic systems are more costly to install but less expensive to run. Hydronic heating becomes worth the investment in larger areas that would consume a lot of electricity to run with electric. Hydronic heating is at the forefront of sustainable heating as it can use a range of heat sources to heat the water, with hydronic heat pumps becoming the most economical. See the Comfort Heat range of Intaflo hydronic heat pump specifically designed for hydronic underfloor heating.

Electric underfloor heating is best used in smaller to medium sized areas, renovations and especially bathrooms as they provide a highly flexible control system, are safe in wet rooms and provide a very comfortable feeling of radiant heat. Electric underfloor heating can be easily installed by you or your builder as all Comfort Heat products are available in DIY kits. If DIY is not your thing, Comfort Heat has a team of experienced inhouse installers that served the greater Sydney area and work with you or your project manager to ensure a seamless installation.

Our team at Comfort Heat are happy to discuss your project further if you are still unsure which Comfort Heat system is right for you. You can call our office on 02 9979 8600 or reach out via our Contact Us page.

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