Is Floor Heating Safe Under Carpet?

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Is under-carpet flooring safe? That’s a question often asked in relation to underfloor heating solutions and it’s completely understandable why people worry about safety when exploring their heated floor options. The answer to that question is ‘Yes’, under-carpet flooring is safe and suitable for use in your home, as it’s specifically developed to provide effective, energy-efficient and invisible heating under carpeted and floating timber floors.

Does It Meet the Latest Australian Standards?

When exploring your under-carpet heating options, always ensure that you’re looking at products which meet the latest Australian Standards. With under-carpet and under-timber heating, you need to check for AS/NZS 60335.2.106:2007 (Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety Particular requirements for heated carpets and for heating units for room heating installed under removable floor coverings). This is the latest standard that underfloor heating systems for carpeted and timber floors must meet.

All Comfort Heat underfloor heating solutions meet if not exceed this standard which ensures your new carpet electric underfloor heating system will provide safe and energy-efficient heating that makes life at home more comfortable for you and your family.

How Research and Development Minimises Risks

Safety is of the utmost importance to the entire team at Comfort Heat, as it is to the designers and developers who bring these revolutionary products to market. All quality heated floor products, whether electric under-carpet heating or hydronic in-slab concrete heating, are rigorously researched, developed and tested to ensure they’re safe for household use and meet the latest government requirements, energy-efficient and meet the latest and industry standards, and will represent great value-for-money to consumers.

The underfloor heating industry may be relatively small in Australia due to our favourable climate, but it’s well-established in other (colder) parts of the world and highly competitive. That’s another reason why research and development make underfloor heating products from trusted brands so safe and suitable for use.

DIY & Professional Installations

DIY electric underfloor heating is an option homeowners may consider, however, if you want to ensure your new under-carpet heating system is installed safely and to the highest industry standards, a professional installation is the way to go. Moreover, along with a professional installation that ensures your new heated floors are as safe as can be for you and your family, you’ll also get expert advice to ensure you get the right thermostat and floor sensors for your system. That’s not only important for safety, it ensures your heated floors are energy-efficient and cost-effective to operate.

Like to learn more about underfloor heating and why it’s not only safe but the right choice for your home? At Comfort Heat, we welcome all enquiries about the complete range of energy-efficient underfloor heating solutions we offer, and our team members would be happy to discuss the safety features of our products with you. To speak with an underfloor heating specialist, contact Comfort Heat today on 02 9979 8600.

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