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The full range of Comfort Heat electric floor heating systems are available in DIY kits for you or your builder to install. All kits come packaged with detailed installation diagrams and instructions custom designed for your room. Comfort Heat underfloor heating kits include.

  • Floor Heating Cable or Mat
  • Thermostat with Floor Sensor
  • Floor Sensor Tube
  • Retaining Mesh / Strip / Tape / Hot Glue [as required]
  • Installation Instruction Manual
  • Cable Design Layout [custom designed]
  • Electrical Loads and Wiring Diagrams
  • Cable Watchdog Alarm (detects damage to the cable during installation)

Comfort Heat offers the full product range in DIY underfloor heating kits


All electric underfloor heating kits are packaged with a detailed installation guide and step by step instructions on how to install your heating cable. Exclusive to Comfort Heat, you also receive a start to finish cable design layout, displaying your cable layout plan.

Comfort Heat must be informed of any expansion joints in the slab and extremely large areas may require junction points.


Comfort Heat provides technical diagrams, electrical loads, and helpful tele-support for a seamless installation. You will need to coordinate with a licenced electrician and flooring installer to ensure all trades have the specifications they require.


You require a licenced electrician to provide power, install conduits and connect the thermostat to complete your system. All floor heating electrical requirements are supplied for your electrician. [Accordance with standards AS/NZ3000:2000].


  • Licenced electrician required to complete final connection
  • Standard trade tools may be required i.e. tin snips, hot glue gun, scissors
  • Floor may need to be primed

Comfort Heat electric DIY kit installation

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