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Under timber hydronic underfloor heating is an efficient, radiant heating system and the ideal choice in open plan modern homes. Used for both residential and commercial properties, installed in new builds or retrofitting old buildings, underfloor heating is safe, easy to use and provides an unparalleled feeling of comfort.

Hydronic under timber underfloor heating is ideal for large areas, 80m2+. While timber is a natural insulator, it does let the heat from below pass into the room above but the temperature underfoot will remain cooler than ceramic, concrete or stone surfaces.

The timber can be installed in several ways to make use of a hydronic heating system.  It is important the timber supplier is advised that the heating will be required so they can advise on the best timber products.  As hydronic heating is a gentle low temperature heating method, there will be a wide range of timber products available while there are fewer which are available for electric floor heating as the heating can be quicker and fluctuate more.

Take the chill off the floor during long winter months



Underfloor heating pipe is installed within the sand and cement screed or slab and a floating timber floor laid on top or the timber floor is glued to the surface of the cement.

Different installation methods can be utilised providing the timber floor is NOT fixed to the slab, preventing damage to the pipe. Thought must be used in layering the timber floor on plywood as the thicker the timber floors become the less heat will pass through.  Direct fixing the timber floor to a plywood underlay which is floating or glued to the sub floor, may not be as efficient in heating as a single layer of timber.

The slab hydronic heating will be the best option for timber floors as the heat remains constant and the heat will radiate through the timber to the rooms above 24 hours a day.  Due to the controlled constant temperature, there are more timber products available certified to be installed this way

The screed installation will provide a nice consistent heat under the timber floor but with limited heat storage capacity.


Underfloor heating pipe can be installed within a diffusion plate system, a lightweight aluminium plate. Heat is evenly distributed from the hydronic pipes, which sit directly against the timber flooring, fixed between the battens, installed on the sub floor. Insulation is required to ensure minimal air space between the hydronic pipes and the timber floor and also forcing the heat up through the timber flooring.


Underfloor heating pipe is installed on a layer of insulation foam between floor battens. Battens require notches to allow for the pipe to move across the floor. This is not as efficient as the diffusion plate system as the heat is not spread under the timber.  Timber will only heat in a vertical direction, so the diffusion plates are needed to get horizontal spread of heat.


Timber flooring must be 'Floor Heating Approved' timber. Speak to you flooring supplier about timbers that are suitable. In many cases, due to timber being a natural product and a good insulator, under timber heating can require supplementary heating based on the heating requirements and heat loss of an area. i.e. outside temperature, insulation, window glazing, room type.


REHAU PEX pipe is a cross-linked polyethylene pipe with an oxygen barrier to prevent corrosion and specially designed for underfloor heating systems. With under timber hydronic heating, we aim for a heat output of 70W/m².


Comfort Heat provides technical diagrams, electrical loads and helpful tele-support for a seamless installation. Your project manager will need to coordinate with a licenced electrician, plumber, timber merchant and concrete contractor to ensure all trades have the specifications they require.


  • Timber is a naturally good insulator and will not heat to the high temperatures of ceramic and carpet
  • In some cases, supplementally heat may be required
  • Ensure your timber flooring is floor heating approved


ladies feet on timber floor


Pipe Diameter 16mm
Batten Height Minimum height of 40mm

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