Comfort Heat Australia offers a complete range of electric floor heating products. Electric floor heating is a simple and highly efficient heating solution for both small and large areas.

Floor heating of this kind produces invisible and safe radiant heat that does not blow hot air around or create annoying hot and cold spots within a room. The whole area is heated, not just places near the heaters. Electric floor heating is gentle, ambient, and in bathrooms, one of your safest heating options.

Understanding electric
underfloor heating


Electric underfloor heating is a straightforward, simple and cost-effective way of heating your home. With products designed to be installed under most floor coverings including under carpet and floating timber floors, the heating elements are easily installed to create a warm radiant heat that is comfortable and healthy.

This type of underfloor heating is friendly for your living space, too. Unlike most heating systems, underfloor heating takes up no space at all on your floor. This also makes it perfect for small rooms or apartments.

Underfloor heating is completely safe for small fingers – another major plus for parents. There’s no point of contact for kids with any of the active elements in this type of heating and no more worries about getting their fingers stuck in heaters!


Heating bathrooms with electric floor heating is simple and can be programmed with a digital thermostat. All you need do is switch on your heating at the beginning of winter and forget!

The floor heating will automatically turn up and down throughout the day, guaranteeing you have warm floors when you need it and switching off to save power when not required.

Our thin mat heating system is also ideal for under tile heating installations.


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