How to Compare Floor Heating Quotes

When planning home improvement projects, like installing new heated floors, it isn’t uncommon for homeowners to worry about the choices they make. After all, home underfloor heating projects can be costly, and depending on the scale and scope, the project may involve significant financial outlay. That means it’s important to compare quotes before choosing a company to install your new heated floors. Whether it’s in-slab, in-screed, under-tile or under-carpet, you need to make sure you understand the quote.

Naturally, we all want the lowest price when shopping around for a quote, but as underfloor heating represents such an important investment in the functionality and comfort of your home, it’s vital to carefully compare each quote. 

woman laying on warm floor
Underfloor heating our specialty

When comparing underfloor heating quotes, consider these important elements.

  •  Heat load for each room
  • Number of zones
  • Thermostat selection
  • Cable quality
  • Support staff

Is the company reputable?

Don’t overlook the importance of getting a high-quality electric or hydronic underfloor heating system for your home, as a quality system that’s safe is important for:

  • Energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Your family’s safety and peace of mind
  • Your household’s energy consumption
  • The value of your property

Therefore, it’s vital to have a reputable company advise you on the available solutions and your options, and supply and install your new heated floors. So, how can you select the right underfloor heating company? Start by doing your research online to find companies that offer underfloor heating solutions in your local area and be sure to read the online reviews.

At Comfort Heat, we provide transparent quotes to ensure our customers know exactly what’s involved and provide friendly and experienced advice to help you choose the right heated floors for your home. The team welcomes all enquiries about our underfloor heating solutions, so when you’re ready to get a quote from a trusted underfloor heating specialist, please contact us on 02 9979 8600.

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