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Comfort Heat Australia offers a complete range of electric floor heating products. Electric floor heating is a simple and highly efficient heating solution for both small and large areas.

Floor heating of this kind produces invisible and safe radiant heat that does not blow hot air around or create annoying hot and cold spots within a room. The whole area is heated, not just places near the heaters. Electric floor heating is gentle, ambient, and in bathrooms, one of your safest heating options.

Understanding electric underfloor heating

Comfort Heat screed underfloor heating cables are ideal for small to large areas, can be used with all types of floor coverings and require a sand and cement screed laid on top.

A popular option for bathrooms, screed underfloor heating cables are highly flexible, allowing for a variety of installations including stairs, round rooms and small areas that are difficult to heat with a mat system.

Bathrooms are a rewarding room to heat with underfloor screed heating as they can be dangerous and difficult to heat with traditional heating systems. Underfloor heating keeps a bathroom warm, dry and mould free, making it the ideal solution.

Screed underfloor heating cables require a sand and cement screed of 20mm-30mm on top and typically warm quickly in around 1-2 hours, depending on insulation and screed thickness.

Simple, responsive heating that is perfect for bathrooms


The screed Comfort Heat underfloor heating cable is laid before the sand and cement screed and after a layer of waterproofing. Minimum screed thickness of around 20mm for screed integrity but in bathrooms it can drop to 10mm at the waste drain and as high as 40mm at the walls. A thicker screed will only slow down the response time. Waterproofing on top of the screed is also advised if possible.

To prevent any damage to the waterproof membrane, the screed underfloor heating cable is clipped to a lightweight mesh that floats on the floor, ensuring no damage to the membrane.


The screed Comfort Heat underfloor heating cable is laid before the sand and cement screed with a minimum screed thickness of around 20mm for screed integrity. A thicker screed will only slow down the response time.

The screed cable is connected to a metal retaining strip that is fixed to the sub floor at intervals. For large areas Comfort Heat must be advised of any expansion joints in the slab as the cable must not be installed over an expansion joint


The screed Comfort Heat underfloor heating cable is a twin conducting single cable system, allowing for easy installation. Twin cables require only one end connected to power, making a vast difference during installation in small areas and large areas with multiple cables.

The screed Comfort Heat underfloor heating cable has a heat output of 175W/m² when spaced at 100mm runs or 250W/m² at 75mm run spacing. Available in factory terminated lengths ranging from 10mts up to 150mts.


Comfort Heat provides technical diagrams, electrical loads, and helpful tele-support for a seamless installation. You will need to coordinate with a licenced electrician and flooring installer to ensure all trades have the specifications they require.


You require a licenced electrician to provide power, install conduits and connect the thermostat to complete your system. All floor heating electrical requirements are supplied for your electrician. [Accordance with standards AS/NZ3000:2000].


  • Requires a sand and cement screed of around 20mm
  • Fast responsive heat
  • Perfect for bathrooms
  • Any floor covering can be installed on top

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Construction : Multi-stranded heating wire with double insulation, earth screen and sheath
Insulation : 4000 V
Rated Voltage : 230 Volt AC; Rated output 17W/m
Cold Tail : 3.5 metre with splice connection
Cable Diameter :   5.3mm
Cable : IEC800 Class II
Warranty : 10 years

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