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Bathrooms are the most popular room to heat with underfloor heating. Bathrooms are small, wet, tiled areas that are difficult to heat safely any other way. Underfloor heating keeps a bathroom warm, dry and mould free, making it the ideal solution.

Safe, dry and mould free bathrooms

Electric screed underfloor heating is the most popular product when heating bathrooms. Screed heating is installed directly on top of the sub floor and before the sand and cement screed. The cable is attached to a lightweight mesh that floats on the floor, providing an evenly spaced grid to attach to and ensures the waterproofing on not damaged. Electric screed system has a fast response time and will heat up within 1-2 hours.

Electric thin mat underfloor heating is used when no screed is being laid, due to floor height limitations. Adding minimal height to your floor levels, the thin mat system sits within the tiles glue. A thin layer of Ardit can be laid on top at your tilers’ discretion. Electric thin mat system has a fast response time and will heat up within 1-2 hours.

Both the screed and thin mat system have the same warm results. Thin mat systems require some floor chasing to ensuring minimal height is added to the floor. Both products are available in DIY kits and controlled via a floor sensing thermostat ensuring a consistent and comfortable temperature.

Woman walking through bathroom with floor heating.

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