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Currently, Comfort Heat does not supply or install hydronic radiator units but can size your heating system.

Hydronic radiators are ideal in small to medium sized rooms that require a fast response heat like bedrooms and studies as they heat the ambient air space quickly. Typically installed in areas where winter is extended, such as alpine areas and used for both residential and commercial properties, hydronic radiators can operate in combination with underfloor heating.

Large open plan living areas with little wall space are difficult to heat with radiators.

Radiator panels are best suited to gas or wood fired boiler systems as they transmit heat into the room instantly and require high heat to ensure good convection of heat into the room.  Not as efficient with low temperature heat pumps or solar systems.

Fast, responsive ambient heating


Radiators can be floor or wall mounted, depending on the design. Hydronic supply pipe is installed in the walls and floors, prior to being sheeted or floors laid. Depending on the scale and construction of your build, radiators are sized according to the size of the rooms they are to heat.

Radiators are installed with a thermostatic tempering valve on each unit allowing you to quickly adjust the temperature of each radiator manually.

Additional structure is required in the walls to support radiator unit.


Comfort Heat provides technical diagrams, electrical loads and helpful tele-support for a seamless installation. Your project manager will need to coordinate with a licenced electrician, plumber and builder to ensure all trades have the specifications they require.


REHAU PEX pipe is a cross-linked polyethylene pipe with an oxygen barrier to prevent corrosion and specially designed for heating systems.


  • You must be renovating to install a hydronic radiator system as walls need to be opened and additional support structure added.
  • Comfort Heat installs floor heating and radiator combined systems. For standalone radiator systems best to contact a plumber or radiator specialist.
  • With hundreds of radiators design available, many are imported from Europe and require long lead times for production. Give yourself lots of time when selecting a design.

radiator close up with tempering valve

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