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Hydronic underfloor heating relies on pipes in the floor to circulate heated water around, creating a blanket of radiant heat, an incomparable feeling of comfort. This closed water circuit can be heated by a hydronic heat pump.

Heat Pumps are an eco-friendly and cost efficient option for hydronic underfloor heating systems. Hydronic heat pumps are always installed externally, with good air flow, and are ideal for both residential and large commercial projects.

Heat Pumps - the future of sustainable living


Hydronic heat pumps must be installed externally and require good air flow and a solid plinth structure. Electrical GPO and a storm water waste drain are required within 500mm of the heat pump location. Comfort Heat works with your project manager to ensure all services are correctly co-ordinated and any electrical, plumbing or floor covering requirements are in place for a seamless installation.


Comfort Heat supplies and installs Intaflo Hydronics, air to water, hydronic heat pump units.

The Intaflo, inverter heat pump, is a highly efficient air to water unit that absorbs warmth in the air and transfers it to water.

This low temperature hydronic unit, with a COP of 4.49, means it generates over 4kW of heat with only 1kW of energy. By comparison, electric heating uses 1kW of electricity to generate 1kW of heat, making Comfort Heat, heat pump hydronic floor heating the most sustainable heating choice.

The Intaflo Series 3 heat pump uses refrigerant R32 which is quickly being adopted as the most environmentally friendly refrigerant available. It has a GWP [Global Warming Potential] of 675, which is 60% lower than R410A. The Intaflo hydronic heat pump is compact unit controlled via a touch screen WiFi enabled display, allowing you to remotely access and programme your heat pump. Heat Pumps are electric and can utilises PV solar energy.

For ease of plumbing the Intaflo Series 3 heat pump includes an expansion tank, pressure relief valve and circulating pump within its compact design.

For more information on the Intaflo heat pump range visit www.intaflo.com


Comfort Heat provides technical diagrams, electrical loads and helpful tele-support for a seamless installation. Your project manager will need to coordinate with a licenced electrician, plumber and flooring installer to ensure all trades have the specifications they require.


  • Heat pumps MUST be installed outside with good air flow
  • Require a solid plinth structure away from bedroom windows
  • Most efficient and ecofriendly heating option

heat pump fan
Construction Integrated circulation pump / expansion tank
COP 4.49 ~ 4.0 @ Ambient 6º/Water 35ºC [International Standards]
Heat Capacity 9kW ~ 30kW
Cool Capacity 7kW ~ 23kW
Refrigerant R32
Operating Range -10ºC ~ +50ºC

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