Intaflo Hydronics

Intaflo Hydronics is a division of Comfort Heat Australia that supplies and distributes hydronic heat pump and equipment. Intaflo is globally sourcing high quality hydronic heating and cooling components especially designed to drive and assist in radiant hydronic heating installations.

As hydronic heating becomes more popular in Australia and the future of net zero energy buildings draws closer, the need for equipment to complete user friendly and maintenance free systems is in demand. Intaflo Hydronics specialises in equipment which supports the design of environmental projects sourced mainly from the European region, leaders in hydronic engineering.

Intaflo Hydronics is an Australian owned company engineering hydronic solutions for the Australian climate.

Intaflo hydronic heat pumps are all air to water inverter heat pump units, ideal for hydronic heating systems. Intaflo heat pumps provide over four units of heat for every unit of electricity used, making them highly efficient. By combining Intaflo heat pumps with solar energy to power the heat pump, homeowners can greatly reduce their reliance on the electrical grid and lower their carbon footprint.

Select from our wide range to sizes to suit your home or building. Choosing the correct size will ensure you can adequately heat the space whilst maintaining the highest efficiency.

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