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Heating a bedroom with underfloor heating is a popular alternative to standard heating systems as it is very safe, comfortable and takes up no space. Warm your bedroom quickly for a few hours before heading to bed with our carpet or timber underfloor heating systems.

Create a warm cosy bedroom

Electric carpet & timber underfloor heating mats are designed to sit under floating timber floors or carpet. Taped on top of the underlay, the foil mats system it 1mm thin and evenly distributes heat offering flexible temperature control you can quickly turn on and off. Carpet will warm in 15-30min with timber taking a little longer due to its natural insulating properties.

If your bedrooms are tiled or polished concrete, you have the option of slab, screed and thin mat systems.

Electric slab underfloor heating is installed prior to the slab pour. Slab heating can have any type of floor covering installed on top providing you do not penetrate the slab. Slab heating can be warmed overnight, during off peak electricity rates, and release that heat during the day due to slabs having excellent thermal mass. More responsive heating can be installed closer to the floor surface.

Electric screed underfloor heating is installed directly on the sub floor and must be covered by a sand and cement screed. Electric screed system has a fast response time and will heat up within 1-2 hours.

Electric thin mat underfloor heating is used when no screed is being laid, due to floor height limitations. Adding minimal height to your floor levels, the thin mat system sits within the tiles glue. A thin layer of Ardit can be laid on top at your tilers’ discretion. Electric thin mat system has a fast response time and will heat up within 1-2 hours.

Timber flooring can be installed over slab, screed or thin underfloor heating systems providing the floor is not penetrated.

All products are available in DIY kits and controlled via a floor sensing thermostat ensuring a consistent and comfortable temperature.

Couple laying on Comfort Heat warm carpet flooring

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