5 Ways to Save Energy and Reduce your Bills

Year after year, power bills seem to only go up. However, there are practical steps that you can take to save energy and reduce your bills. They range from the common-sense things like switching lights off when you leave a room, to home renovations which improves the efficiency of your dwelling. Things like radiant floor heating systems seem luxurious because they’re so pleasurable, but they can actually save you heaps of money in the long run. 

1) Only Heat the Rooms You Use 

Think about where you’ve been in your house today. You might realise that there are certain rooms you hardly ever go into. You need that extra bedroom for when somebody comes to stay, but do you really need to heat it the rest of the time? Don’t waste money by using power to heat empty rooms. For example, if it’s the weekend and you’re giving yourself a much-deserved break from work, don’t heat the home office.  

2) Turn Off the Lights When You Leave A Room 

When we were kids, our parents were always telling us to turn the light off after we left a room. As it turns out, that was a bright idea. As with the heating, there’s no good that comes from lighting a room that doesn’t need it. You wouldn’t leave the shower running when you’re not having a shower, and you wouldn’t have the kettle boiling in perpetuity when you don’t need it, so why pay for heating and lighting that’s not serving any purpose? 

3) Make Sure You’ve Got Proper Insulation 

You’ve paid good money to get that heat inside your house, so don’t let it escape! Get insulation or, if you already have it, check that it’s working properly.  

4) Close the Curtains/Doors 

You have insulation infrastructure in your house, but what about the everyday insulators you can see inside? Are you making the most of them? Close those curtains and shut the door before the heat gets out. 

5) Make the Most of Technology 

One of the best ways to lower the cost of your power bills is to install underfloor heating. Your snug toes, and your pocketwill be ever grateful to you for having installed heated floors. 

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