Can You Get Underfloor Heating With Carpet?

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When most people think of underfloor heating, they typically think of using it to warm up hard, cold surfaces like concrete and bathroom tiles. However, it might come as a surprise to learn that you can also use underfloor heating for carpeted areas. Read on to find out more about how you can use underfloor heating on almost all indoor floor surfaces and how it can improve your quality of life.

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Will heat come through the carpet?

Think underfloor heating doesn't work with carpet, it does and it is wonderful. A popular option for bedrooms, as under-carpet heating is very safe, takes up no space and warms quickly in around 15-30 mins. The Comfort Heat foil mat system is designed to evenly distribute heat under the carpet, creating a blanket of radiant heat from the ground up.


Is there special technology for under carpet heating?

The Comfort Heat Under Carpet Heating Foil has been designed for the specific purpose of providing invisible under carpet heating, and works wonderfully with floating timber floors too. The foil heating mat has a heat output of 150W/m², and when switched on, has a fast response time.
You'll have luxurious, warm carpets at the desire temperature in as little as fifteen minutes.


Is installing under carpet heating safe?

Yes. The Comfort Heat under carpet foil mats consists of a twin conducting heating element sandwiched between two layers of reinforced aluminum foil, providing an even distribution of heat. Once installed under the carpet, there is nothing hot little fingers can touch or bulky units that are in the way.

Final connection of the carpet mats to electricity must always be carried out by a licensed electrician.


Is under carpet heating cost effective?

Underfloor heating is a cost-effective ways to heat a bedroom. Bedrooms can be programmed to turn on for only a few hours in the early evening, ensuring you do no overheat during the night. There's less power wastage, so lower power bills. Plus, with under carpet heating, you'll have the added, priceless feeling of having lovely warm carpet between your toes.


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