What is Heat Loss and How Do You Prevent It?

All homes lose heat through heat loss, but some properties are better prepared for the fight against the phenomenon than others. Do you notice that your rooms go cold again only a few minutes after you turn off the air conditioning? If so, you’re plagued by heat loss, and you should take action. Here’s our guide to understanding heat loss and some strategies for minimising it in the future, like underfloor heating. 

What is Heat Loss? 

When it comes to home heating, heat loss means the dissipation of heat from a room. With heat loss, heat moves from the inside (where it is useful) to the outside (where it’s no good to you at all) hot to cold. There’s a whole scientific process that goes into calculating heat loss which is measured in kilowatts, and it indicates how much power needs to be used to keep a room at an adequate heat on the coldest of days. Heat can leave a room through conduction, convection, and radiation. The practical question is, how can you come up with a strategy to keep it inside? 



Insulation is a great way to trap heat in a room. You might have insulation in the ceilings, or the walls. Maybe you have special protective measures like extra glass in your windows. These traditional methods of insulation are great, but they don’t stop heat escaping through the floor. 


Don’t Lose Heat Through the Floor 

You might not expect it, but your home may be losing heat through the floor. Turn that liability into an advantage and have underfloor heating installed at your house. Underfloor heating is a great way to stop heat loss and generate safe, clean, radiating heat throughout your entire residence.  


Use Underfloor Heating to Generate Heat and Fight Heat Loss 

Underfloor heating is a great way to keep your home snug. It stops wretched heat loss in its icy cold tracks. When you warm a room from below, heat radiates up and out into the home for longer. 


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Why pay more to heat your home when you don’t have to? Reducing heat loss is good for the planet and for your home budget, too. If you are interested in upgrading your chilly home to a cozy haven, we can help. Our team at Comfort Heat are at the ready to assist with all your underfloor heating needs. Contact us online or call 02 9979 8600and we can start you on the well-warmed path to a cosier, more cost-effective abode. 

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