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There is a range of different types of under floor heating technologies at your disposal. However, if you’re after one of the smartest ways to heat your home from the floors up, In-Screed technology is the way to go.

We at Comfort Heat sell a range of electric floor heating systems for your home or office that will create an even, ambient thermal environment that is also very energy efficient. Learn more about our most popular heating cable, the in-screed.


The in-screed cable is a very versatile heating cable. While it is mainly used in bathrooms, its flexibility allows for a variety of installations. You can easily install it on staircases or wrap it around round rooms. To be installed properly, it requires a top layer of sand and cement at least 20mm in depth.

This type of under floor heating has a rather fast response time. It reaches its set temperatures in about 1 to 2 hours, depending on the thickness of the screed.


Incredible Technology Means Easy Installation

While many electric cables require the end to meet the start in order to complete the circuit, the in-screed cable is a twin conducting cable. This complete circle is not necessary, making it a much easier cable to install, especially in small areas like bathrooms.

The electric in-screed cable has a heat output of 175W per m² @ 100mm spacing or 225W per m² @ 75mm spacing. Hydronic in-screed heating has a heat output of 100-120W/m².

Perfect for Bathrooms

If someone is about to undergo a bathroom renovation, installing electric in-screed cables under the tiles is a great addition. Not only will you be greeted with warm tiles in the morning, you will also save money on heating costs due to the energy efficient nature of this heating system.

If you are already in the market for under floor heating for your bathroom, you can’t do better than in-screed. They are the easiest to install in small areas because they are a twin-conducting cable and do not require a complete circuit to work In addition since the cables are installed in cement screed beneath the tiles or finished floor surface, it is great for use in wet areas.

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