Brown shoes kept on In-slab electric heating floor

In-slab electric floor heating is a very practical option for warming large areas. It is used in homes and commercial buildings because it offers an excellent cost and energy efficient solution for large spaces.


The in-slab heating cable is suitable where the slab is used as a heat storage [thermal mass]. It has a slow response time and can take 10-24 hours to heat up, depending on slab thickness and insulation, but retains heat for a long time after power has terminated. Off-peak power is typically utilised for in-slab heating.


The cable is a flexible, double-insulated single cable system. A multi-strand heating cable provides superior strength to prevent cable failure due to slab movement.


The in-slab cable has a heat output of 160W /m² at 200mm spacing. It is available in factory terminated lengths ranging from 30m up to 170m. Comfort Heat staff will help select the correct cable length for your heated area with a 200mm clearance from walls and fixtures.


The cable is installed before the slab is poured attached to either the mesh (i.e. F72) or the reinforcing rods installed at 200mm centres (one direction only).


The cable cannot be installed across expansion joints. Comfort Heat must be informed of any expansion joints in the slab. For large areas, multiple cables will be installed.


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Please note: In slab underfloor heating requires site information and metrics. We’ll require information about your slab construction and measurements to provide you with technical support and a quote. 



Cable Type : Single conductor heating cable with earth screen
Construction : Multi-stranded heating wire with double insulation, earth screen and sheath
Insulation : 4000 V
Rated Voltage : 230 Volt AC; Rated output 30W/m
Cold Tail Length : 3.5 metre with splice connection
Cable Diameter : 5mm
Cable Standard : IEC800 Class II
Warranty : 10 years