Spacious bathroom interior with bathroom installed with In-screed electric underfloor heating

In-screed floor heating is a popular option for modern homes. It is versatile, ideal for residential installations and highly adaptable. A popular room to heat are bathrooms, where traditional heating systems are not appropriate.

The twin cable technology is very flexible, allowing for a variety of installations including stairs, round rooms and small areas. All in-screed heating systems require a sand and cement bed of at least 20mm to be laid on top and have a fast response time, reaching set temperature in only 1-2 hours, depending on screed thickness.


The in-screed cable is a twin conducting cable allowing for easy installation. There is no need to return the cable end to the start, which makes a vast difference when installing in small areas like bathrooms.


The in-screed cable has a heat output of 175W /m² at 100mm spacing or 225W /m² at 75mm spacing. The cable is available in factory terminated lengths ranging from 10m up to 150m. Comfort Heat staff will help select the correct cable length and spacing for your heated area.


The in-screed cable is installed before the cement screed, beneath any type of floor covering (generally tile). It is required that you cover the cable with a minimum of 20mm bed of screed. The cable can also be installed in a polished concrete floor.

Two options when installing cable;

  • Metal retaining strip typically used in large areas with no waterproofing
  • Clipped to wire mesh that floats on the floor (does not affect waterproofing)

Cable is always installed with 100mm clearance from all walls and fixtures.


Comfort Heat must be informed of any expansion joints in the slab. The cable must not be installed over any expansion joints. For large areas, multiple cables will be installed.

Talk to the Experts about In-Screed Underfloor Heating

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Please note: In-screed underfloor heating requires a range of site metrics and measurements. We’ll need information regarding your site to provide an accurate quote and the best technical advice.


Cable Type : Twin conductor heating cable with earth screen
Construction : Multi-stranded heating wire with double insulation, earth screen and sheath
Insulation : 4000 V
Rated Voltage : 230 Volt AC; Rated output 17W/m
Cold Tail : 3.5 metre with splice connection
Cable Diameter :   5.3mm
Cable : IEC800 Class II
Warranty : 10 years