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Heat Pumps are an eco-friendly and cost effective option for hydronic floor heating. Heat Pumps are installed outdoors and are perfect for both residential and large commercial projects.



Comfort Heat supplies Intaflo, air to water heat pump chiller units. Units included an inbuilt anti-frosting function, LCD temperature regulator and water pump.

The intaflo heat pump unit has a COP of 3.

‘’The coefficient of performance or COP of a heat pump is a ratio of heating or cooling provided to electrical energy consumed. Higher COPs equate to lower operating costs. ‘’



Standard heat pump installations require a heat pump unit, expansion tank, low loss header, pump and manifold. Floor heating pipe is installed in the floor connected to one or multiple manifolds. All manifolds lead back to a heat pump unit which is defined by the size of your heated floor area.

Intaflo Heat Pump units heat to a maximum temperature or 45-50 degC which are ideal for floor heating but not suitable for radiator units.

For more information on the Intaflo heat pump chiller units visit www.intaflo.com




Type : Heat Pump Chiller   (Air to Water)
Construction : Integrated circulation pump and controls /
 automatic anti-frosting protection /
 expansion valve
Heat Capacity : 12kW to 35kW
12kW to 23kW  - 1 and 3 phase
28kW to 35kW  - 3 phase only
Cool Capacity : 10kW – 25kW
Refrigerant : R410a
Operating range : -10degC  to +45 degC
Noise : 59 dB (A)
Warranty : 1 years



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