Blue gas flame close up on the gas stove

Natural gas is the most common, simply and cost effective installation option for hydronic floor heating systems. Gas boilers can be installed when space is limited and are perfect for both residential and large commercial projects.



Natural gas packaged boilers include inbuilt pumps, expansion tank, safety valves and temperature controls. Available from small 12kW units and upwards, gas boiler systems can be installed internally or externally and use minimal components making it a simple setup.

Condensing gas boilers are available and provide a more energy efficiency unit.

Bottled gas is also an option where required but please note the price of bottled gas is around 3-4 times the price of natural gas.



Standard gas installations require a wall hung gas boiler, filter, pump and manifold. Floor heating pipe is installed in the floor and connected to one or multiple manifolds. Manifolds pipe back to a boiler that are installed on an external wall or internal wall with external flue.

Radiators utilise the same hot water as the floor heating but at a different temperature. Mixing pumps stations mix down water temperature to ensure both the floor heating and radiators unit have enough heat output to heat the room.



Boiler Type : Internal / External / Condensing / LPG / Natural
Construction : Wall mounted / Electronic ignition / inbuilt expansion tank / pump / fully modulating operation
Electrical Consumption : Standard GPO
Heat Output : 12 - 85 kW