Why You Should Invest in Our DIY Heating Kits

DIY underfloor heating kit

Those who are in the building industry in Sydney should always have a selection of modern and efficient energy saving options for their clients. Radiant floor heating is becoming more and more popular as customers realise the benefits, from energy efficiency to excellent radiant heat with an invisible heating system.

Investing in one of the DIY heating kits from Comfort Heat in Sydney is a great way to be able to offer your customers a top quality heating option.

Why Invest?

Like we said earlier, under floor heating is gaining popularity. The benefits are unbeatable, and this is becoming the next generation of heating. Many new homes that are being built will come with this heating option, so if your contracting or building company is already offering it to your customers, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition. Our DIY kits come with all the materials you need to complete the installation, so it will be very easy for you to take care of installations in your clients’ homes.

Our DIY Heating Kits

We offer two types of DIY heating kits for builders in the Sydney area to be able to easily install under floor heating for their customers. We offer an electric DIY heating kit and a hydronic DIY heating kit.

Regardless of which one you purchase, we are always there to provide technical support. Simply call us on 1300 13WARM.

DIY Electric Under Floor Heating

This heating kit includes:

  • Comfort Heat heating cables or mats
  • Electronic wall thermostat MTD2/MCD4(5)/ETN4 with floor sensor
  • Floor Sensor Tube
  • Retaining Mesh or Strip or Tape
  • Metal retaining Clips or Cable ties
  • Detailed Installation Instructions
  • Cable Design Layout
  • Electrical loads and wiring diagrams
  • Cable Watchdog (to detect damage during installation)

We also include a detailed installation guide that will provide you with step-by-step instructions, as well as a start-to-finish cable design layout displaying the cable layout plan. You will need a qualified electrician on your team to complete the final connection and prepare the electrical connections during the building phase.

DIY Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

The hydronic under floor heating kits include all specific components except standard plumbing materials. You’ll have to purchase your own lagging, saddles and copper. The benefit of hydronic heating is that it is available with a range of heat sources and we can custom design them to suit your customers’ individual needs. However, all of our kits will include a full design manual, installation guide, custom schematics and phone support.

Also included in your kit is:

  • REHAU hydronic heating pipe
  • Manifold
  • Heat Source as required, i.e. boiler/heat pump/tanks
  • Pumps and Filters
  • Electronic wall thermostat MCD5 with floor/air sensor
  • System fill kit
  • Water Treatment
  • Retaining Mesh/Cable Ties/Strip as required
  • Pipe Design Layout
  • Plumbing schematic
  • Electrical schematic
  • Installation instructions
  • Client operational manual

Comfort Heat is making it easier for your contracting or building company to offer customers advanced and modern heating technology. For more information, get in contact with us in Sydney today.

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