What is the Best Flooring for Underfloor Heating?

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Underfloor heating is an increasingly attractive option for houses in Australia. Rather than the typical convection-based heating systems, underfloor heating uses heat radiation to create a warm and cozy home environment. Naturally, given the heat is radiating up through the floor, it is essential to weigh up which type of flooring is the best choice. Different materials and different finishes will produce different results, depending on their thermal conductivity.

Tile flooring

Stone tiles and ceramic are the ideal choice, given they are excellent thermal conductors. They retain heat well and for a long time, meaning they are highly efficient options as well as being very good conductors of heat. Under tile heating is recommended both for comfort and efficiency.


Polished concrete, also an increasingly popular choice aesthetically, has the added benefit of being a highly efficient choice for underfloor heating. The thermal mass of concrete means that it is able to maintain warmth at low temperature. Especially if the underfloor heating system is laid directly in slab, the costs of heating the concrete will be comparatively low.

Timber flooring

As there are many different types of wooden flooring, it can be difficult to speak generally about their effectiveness for underfloor heating. There are many types of wooden flooring that can be good thermal conductors. Wooden flooring that is dense and thin is ideal.

Engineered floorboards are an attractive option for underfloor heating. Sometimes the problem with wood floor heating is that the heat changes the moisture levels, leading to movement or changes of color. The layered nature of engineered floorboards means that it does not react to temperature changes in that way.

Laminate flooring

Wooden laminate is made up of layers of wood that run in opposite directions. The structure of wooden laminate means it can absorb changes of temperature, but the suitability of any particular laminate may have to be investigated.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl can safely be used with underfloor heating. Unlike other options, it will heat up and cool down quite quickly. It is important that vinyl is laid on an even surface, so it is best to seek professionals for its installation.

Carpet floors

With the right equipment and know how, under carpet heating can be done. Certain types of carpet and carpet underlay can counterproductively block the heat released by an under carpet heating system. It is best to check with the manufacturer for the right underlay and the most suitable thickness of the carpet.

Choosing the right flooring

Flooring is an important choice in any home, but even more so if it is to be compatible with an underfloor heating system. Speaking with the manufacturer of any of the flooring choices you wish to make is always a good idea, as is consulting the experts on underfloor heating.

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