What is Radiant Heat and How Does it Work?

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There are many different ways to heat your home and office. The difficulty lies in really asking the question: What is the best way to do it? In order to answer that, it’s important to first know what all the options are, understanding how they work, and factor in how that will affect your bottom line. How effectively do these various methods work? And how efficiently? A lesser known method hero is radiant floor heating. Find out more with our handy guide.

How does radiant heat work?

When you step out into the bright sunlight on a crisp winter’s day, you can feel the incredible warmth of the sun enter deep into your bones. This is radiant heat. Rather than heating merely the air in the room, as is the case with most gas and electric heaters or air conditioners, a radiant heating system heats everything in your house. For example, having in-slab heating will heat the entire floor of your house, and subsequently, the heat will transfer to everything on the floor. Radiant heat is an incredibly efficient way of warming any space. Using it, you can save money on your power bills, help save the planet, and enjoy toasty warm floors all year round.

There are a variety of ways to have radiant heating installed in your home with underfloor heating. There are many options, even for people who do not wish to undertake big renovations.

Heat rises

Hot air rises. Think of when you enter a house and someone has their air conditioner heating the room. Once they turn the air conditioner off, you notice how quickly the room air becomes brisk again. This is because it is an inefficient way to heat. All the hot air has already dissipated, and you are no better off.
With underfloor heating, this problem is avoided in two ways. First, because the radiant floor heating doesn’t heat just the air itself, but heats the items in the house. Secondly, because the heat is beginning from the bottom of the house. Keeping your underfloor heating at a constant low warmth will ensure that your house or office stays toasty and warm all day.

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