Comfort Heat Australia offers a range of control options ensuring your system, big or small, seamlessly heats your home as programmed. These controls allows for a customised control centre connecting your home heating with your home automation system or single thermostat.

White cyclindrical board
A White coloured Domestic hot water tank
Black pump

Custom designed for each project, Comfort Heat control boards ensure your system operates as designed. Complex designs would include muliply zones combined with different temperature and time settings.

Motorised actuators and zone valves enable hydronic heating systems to be zoned and controlled via thermostats or home automation packages. These valves open and close the flow to a hydronic circuit, ensuring total control.

Domestic hot water tanks can be combined with a hydronic heating system to provide the complete heating package. Typically utilised with our Heat Pump systems, tanks incorporating a heat exchange coil can heat your floor and DHW with one heating system. Water Marked in Australia, our 400L DHW tank is ideal for combined packages.

Circulating pumps are essential for hydronic heating systems. Depending on the design and heating requirements a system could include multiply pumps and or pump control stations. Comfort Heat uses a range of pumps from Wilo and Grundfos.