The OEM-Actuator 230V with end switch is a thermoelectric actuator for opening and closing valves used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineering. The integrated micro switch with floating contact allows direct operation of a pump or a fan control unit.

The OEM-Actuator has been developed especially for customer specific usage. Control of circuit distributors for individual room temperature control of concealed heating and cooling systems. Control of radiators, convectors and similar units.



Voltage 230V AC, +10%...-50/60 Hz
Max. inrush current 300mA during 200ms. max.
Operating power 1.8W
Closing & Opening times approx. 3min
Actuator travel 4mm
Fluid temp. 0-100 deg C
Storage temp. -25 to +60 deg C
Weight 100g with a 1cm connecting cable