Off Grid Heating


Hydronic floor heating is ideal for off grid heating solutions.

As the use of traditional energy sources is limited, floor heating can be incorporated within the design of a new building.  With heated water flowing through pipes laid in the floor, alternative heat sources to gas and electricity can be utilised, such as wood, coal, diesel etc.

Low energy requirements are crucial for any off grid design with as much passive solar collection as possible so the heat load on the building is very low.  Therefore insulation and building orientation becomes very important.

When looking at an off grid project it is important to design the heating and source the best option for your site from the beginning– wood fired boilers, self stoking coke boilers, diesel generators, solar PV systems and small hydro electric generators have been utilised to provide the necessary energy input.

Electric floor heating can be an option where solar PV surplus is available or a diesel generator is used – however due to the electrical load it has minimal application in off grid projects.

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