Is Electric Underfloor Heating Safe for Your Bathroom?

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Everyone dreads the feeling of going into your bathroom in a cold winter’s night. That’s one of the reasons why more and more people are opting for underfloor heating. There’s nothing quite like getting into your bathroom in the middle of winter, and having your feet fell toasty and warm.  

A lot of people have concerns about underfloor heating, however, when the technology is used in the bathroom  Will the floor get too hot? Will my children be exposed to dangerous electricity? Is it safe for me, or for my family? In short, when you use a professional product and installer, there’s nothing to fear. 

Can It Get Too Hot?

The great thing about electric underfloor heating is that it is completely under your control. Every bathroom will be equipped a thermostat which will regulate and control the temperature to your precise desire, and budget. You don’t have to have it running all day, too high, or too low, or if you don’t want to. You and your family will not burn yourself on the floor because you will have complete control over the temperature. The thermostat will not allow the floor to heat to a point where it would be unsafe or uncomfortable.

Is There A Problem with The Proximity of Electricity and Water

Electric underfloor heating or under tile heating in your bathroom might seem like a scary prospect where electricity and water is concerned. Certainly, you want to be cautious of allowing the two to be in close proximity – but no one thinks about the fact that they already have all sorts of electric appliances in the bathroom like light switches, hair dryers, electric toothbrushes and electric shavers.

Electric underfloor heating is under the floor, and therefore already at a greater distance than many other everyday items you never worry about. As well as that, the insulation used is completely safe. Of course, even in a DIY underfloor heating job, one must use an electrician. There is no substitute for high standards of professionalism and experience.

Will My Children Be Safe?

Another advantage of underfloor electric heating is that they are already safer than many other methods of heating. There is no exposed wiring, and no exposed active elements which prying little fingers can get to.

Conventual heating arrangements are often at far riskier heights with far more vulnerabilities. If anything, the gentle radiant heat from underfloor heating is a far safer, and certainly a far more pleasant, alternative.

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