Flat Panels or Evacuated Tubes - Solar hot water panels can be utilised as a pre heater for hydronic floor heating systems. Typically, a heat exchange tank stores the pre heated hot water and distributes the heat between floor heating, domestic hot water and any other heated waters.

Photovoltaic (PV) Panels – PV panels are ideal to integrate with Heat Pump systems. As Heat Pumps are totally electric and already have a COP of 3, incorporating PV panels will create a greater saving and environmental benefit. Comfort Heat does not supply or install PV panels.



Solar hydronic floor heating requires a heat exchange storage tank. Coils within the tank allow heat to transfer between waters without the waters mixing.
Your heated floor area will define the required storage tank size and number of solar panels.

Solar hydronic floor heating requires a booster, either gas, heat pump or electric. This will guarantee that on days with low solar radiation, your floor heating will remain warm.



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