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Natural gas is a simple and cost efficient heat source option for hydronic underfloor heating systems. Natural gas boilers take up very little space, are perfect for both residential and large commercial projects and in many urban locations, may be your only option.

Hydronic underfloor heating relies on pipes in the floor to circulate heated water around creating a blanket of radiant heat, an incomparable feeling of comfort. The water in this closed loop system needs to be heated and natural gas is a popular and assessable heat source option.

Gas hydronic underfloor heating is simple and economical


Natural gas boilers are installed either externally, typically next to a domestic hot water gas boiler or internally, within a cupboard or service area and must be flued externally.

Natural gas supply, electrical GPO and a sewer waste drain are required within 500mm of the boiler’s location.

Comfort Heat works with your project manager to ensure all services are correctly co-ordinated and any electrical, plumbing or floor covering requirements are in place for a seamless installation.


Natural gas packaged boilers include inbuilt pumps, expansion tank, safety valves and temperature controls. Available from small 12kW units and upwards, natural gas boiler systems can be installed internally or externally and require minimal hydronic components, making it a simple standalone setup. Condensing gas boilers provide even more energy efficiency as energy is captured from the exhaust and recycled.

LPG bottled gas is an option, but not recommended for hydronic floor heating system. It can be extremely costly to operate due to the volume of gas required for heating.  Natural gas boilers can easily be converted to LPG if required


Comfort Heat provides technical diagrams, electrical loads and helpful tele-support for a seamless installation. Your project manager will need to coordinate with a licenced electrician, plumber and flooring installer to ensure all trades have the specifications they require.


  • External wall hung boiler or internal boiler, flued externally.
  • Available natural gas supply
  • Check local council gas regulations

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