How to Choose Energy-Efficient Underfloor Heating For Your New Home

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Tired of cold floors in winter and thinking of installing heated floors at home? An underfloor heating system can be an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home and keep it comfortable during the colder months of the year but, naturally, you need to choose a system that’s suitable for your home and the needs of your household.

While technological improvements tend to make most new home heating systems on the market more energy-efficient than preceding models, you’ll still need to choose the right model from the wide range on the market. And you’ll also need to make the right buying decisions, like electric or hydronic underfloor heating, and choose the most suitable installation design for your floors — in-slab heating, in-screed heating or an ultra-thin heat mat.

Electric or Hydronic Underfloor Heating Systems?

Depending on your situation, the benefits of choosing an electric or hydronic underfloor heating system will differ, which is why it’s vital to get trusted advice from an experienced underfloor heating expert before deciding which system is the right choice for your home.

For example, electric heating systems provide greater flexibility for renovations and DIY projects over hydronic flooring systems, but they’re not as energy-efficient to operate unless you have solar panels, your electricity provider offers time-of-use electricity rates, or the thermal mass of the floor is large enough to store heat throughout peak electricity tariffs.

To decide whether an electric or hydronic underfloor heating system will be the most energy-efficient system for your home, you’ll need to do your research, speak with a specialist and take important points like these into consideration.

Slab, Screed or Thin Mat?

If you’re not building new and you have existing floors, consider whether an in-slab underfloor heating system is suitable or whether in-screed heating or an ultra-thin heat mat is the best choice.

Slab Heating

Slab heating is an option only if you’re building new or you’re carrying out an extensive renovation that involves laying new slabs of concrete. In-slab heating is an excellent option for large spaces with a significant thermal mass that enables it to store heat for long periods. In-slab heating can be the best option for large electric and off-grid hydronic underfloor heating.

Screed Heating

Whether you’re opting for electric or hydronic underfloor heating, in-screed heating has plenty to offer, including its flexibility that makes it suitable for a wide range of installations which can include stairs, round and irregular-shaped rooms, and small areas that aren’t suitable for in-slab heating. Due to the proximity of the heating elements to the floor surface, both electric and hydronic in-screed heating is very energy-efficient for rooms that need to be heated quickly on a regular basis. Heat storage is limited; these systems are designed to heat only when required. These systems are no appropriate for off-grid buildings.

Thin Electric Heat Mats

Ultra-thin electric floor heating is a popular choice in bathrooms and under-tile heating installations, and with its super-fast response times (it can reach the set temperature in as little as 60 minutes), it’s an energy-efficient heating solution suitable for most renovations.

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