Enhancing Bathroom Design with an Electric Mirror Heater

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Interior designers and home builders should always be on the lookout for ways to offer their clients a touch of luxury. Heated floors are a great start, but have you considered the benefits of heated mirrors?

Modern households are full of technology that improves your comfort and lifestyle and bathrooms are no different. Think hands-free taps, water efficient showerheads and heated towel racks. If you want to offer your clients the very best, you don’t just install a dual flush toilet – you use all the bells and whistles.

An electric mirror heater is luxury personified and it will make a great addition to any home, enhancing the bathroom design and lifestyle.

What Are Electric Mirror Heaters?

When it comes to luxury and relaxation in your home, the bathroom is undoubtedly the place to go. From long showers to soaking baths, this room helps you to relax and rejuvenate.

Electric mirror heaters are specially made to take that luxury to the next level. By removing the condensation after a steamy shower, these heaters increase visibility, comfort, safety and convenience.

Sure, you could turn the fan on to suck the steam out of the bathroom or use a towel to clear your mirror. But these approaches will either leave you with a cold room or a streaky mirror. That’s the beauty of the electric mirror heater. It allows you to step out of the shower and into a warm room without having to wipe down the mirror to see yourself.

How Do They Work?

No, you don’t have to purchase a special mirror for this great addition to your bathroom design. The mirror heat pads are an ultra-thin heating element that is designed to be taped to the rear of your mirror before it is mounted to the wall.

No matter what size mirror you have, from a small medicine cabinet mirror to one that spans across the wall of the bathroom, the heated pads can accommodate. The heat pads come in two sizes, but for larger mirrors, you can combine pads side by side to expand the effect.

Installation: What You Need to Know

Installing electric mirror heaters is fairly simple, but it must be done by a licensed electrician according to Australian standards AS/NZ3000:2000. The heat pads are hard wired directly to a standard on/off switch for easy operation.

How Hot Do They Get?

The size of the pad will dictate the heat output of your mirror. For a pad that’s 570mm x 750mm, you can get up to 100W and 240V. This means that the surface temperature won’t be more than 30 degrees.

Interested in learning more about electric heated mirrors? Feel free to contact Comfort Heat in Sydney today!

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