The Comfort Heat Under Carpet Heating Foil has been specifically developed to provide invisible heating under carpet and floating timber floors. The 500mm wide foil mat is ideal for large and small areas and is simply taped on the underlay. Heating very close to the floor surface has a fast response time and should reach temperature in the first 15-30 minutes.  The heating mat will also provide heating for the room above the carpet.



The mat consists of a twin conductor heating element sandwiched between two layers of specially reinforced aluminium foil, providing an even distribution of heat. The heating mat is installed between the underlay and the carpet.



The heating mat has a heat output of 140W per m² and is available in 500mm wide pre-fabricated mats  in a variety of pre-determined lengths. Comfort Heat staff will help select the correct mat length for your heated area.



The Under Carpet Heating Mat is taped down on top of the underlay  before the carpet is installed. Unlike under tile or in-slab heating cables, under carpet mats can be installed up to 300mm off walls and fixtures and fittings within a floor area.  Comfort Heat staff can design the best installation to achieve a comfortable operation.



Due to the height of the carpet and underlay, it is difficult to install a sensor tube as in other floor heating installations.  The electrician will still need to install conduits within the wall but only the sensor wire can be installed out into the floor.  To enable a spare sensor in case the original sensor fails over time, a second sensor can be installed under the carpet to provide some redundancy.  Both sensors would be taped to the under carpet foil mat between two heating wires but only one will be connected to the thermostat.





Cable Type Twin conductor heating cable with earth screen
Construction Multi-stranded heating wire with double insulation, earth screen and sheath
Insulation 4000 V
Rated Voltage 230 Volt AC; Rated output 140W/m²
Cold Tail Length 3 metre with splice connection
Cable Diam. 1.2mm
Cable Standard IEC800 Class II
Warranty 5 years