Designing a Comfortable Room? Don’t Forget a Quality Thermostat

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The team at Comfort Heat are the specialists when it comes to smart heating technology in your home. From electric floor heating to hydronic floor heating and even electric heated mirror pads, we are dedicated to ensuring quality and comfort in every home or commercial environment.

If you’re designing a comfortable room with one of our radiant heat solutions, don’t forget to invest in a quality thermostat.

Our Thermostats

The Comfort Heat range of thermostats is specifically designed for underfloor heating systems. They are all flush mounted onto the wall for easy installation.

In order to help you maintain a consistent temperature in your home, these thermostats include a floor sensor. Floor sensing thermostats are the safest and most energy efficient way of ensuring that the floor is never overheated but always kept at the desired temperature.

View a summary of each of our thermostats below:

Standard Thermostat

The MTD2 Adjustable control has an air and floor sensor. These sensors allow you to maintain a constant temperature. There is also an on/off switch that lets you control the radiant heat with the press of a button.

Programmable Thermostat

The MCD4 Digital 7day/4 event programmable thermostat allows you to program on/off times and temperature by using a range of setback functions. This thermostat combines a floor and air limit sensor. It comes in standard White, but there are optional colours available such as brushed chrome and charcoal to better match your home decor.

Home Automation Thermostat

The ETN4 Home Automation Thermostat is compatible with setback functions and is installed into a central switchboard.

Temperature Technology 

As the future beckons, we are constantly thinking of new ways to enhance our temperature technology. One future improvement that will give you more comfort and control is our WIFI enabled thermostats. These will allow programming to be done over the internet or via your smartphone.

Benefits of Our Thermostats 

The best part of our digital thermostats is the way they work with heating. Your electric floor heating can be activated at the beginning of winter and forgotten about without affecting your energy bills. The thermostat automatically turns the floor heating up and down throughout the day, guaranteeing warm floors when you need them and switching off to save power when it’s not required.  This makes our system one of the most energy efficient ways to heat your home! 

Don’t forget to complete your radiant heating with a thermostat that makes your system all the more energy efficient and intelligent! Get in touch with Comfort Heat in Sydney today for more information.

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