Exterior view of Boiler House Restaurant & cafe at Hydro Majestic Blue mountains

Hydro Majestic gives the Thumbs Up to Hydronic Heating



The Hydro Majestic in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, has undergone a major renovation and restoration.  With views across the Megalong valley to the escarpments beyond, the Hydro Majestic is not only luxury accommodation but a destination full of history, architectural interest and proximity to all the Blue Mountains offers.

The task of maintaining the Hydro Majestic and sister properties falls to Chief Engineer, Peter Redman.  On a visit to the Hydro Majestic for a weekend break, Peter very generously provided a  tour into the back of house operations of the hotel including the hydronic heating system. Read More

Happy smiling little girl with cheerful parents lying on the electric heated floor

Creating an Energy Efficient Winter Wonderland


The building industry today is rife with new ways to incorporate energy efficiency into the building process in a way that will attract customers. If you plan on building a new home for yourself, or you are a builder or architect with an eye on the trends, you might be asking yourself about all the different ways you can combine style with friendliness towards the environment. Electric floor heating is a great way to create an energy efficient winter wonderland. Read More

Repairman Shaking Hands With a Woman In Kitchen

Why You Should Use In-Slab Heating in Your Next Build

Building a home or a commercial space? Consider in-slab heating as a great alternative to traditional methods of heating. In-slab heating is a form of radiant heat that is becoming known as one of the most comfortable, safest and most energy efficient methods for warming properties throughout Australia.

If you don’t know much about in-slab heating, here are a few reasons why you should consider it in your next build. Read More

A woman in a black n white striped t-shirt lying on her back a wooden floor, her hands folded, smiling.

Helping You Get the Best in Hydronic and Electric Heating

If you work in home design, building or architecture you have at least one thing in common. You all have to think of new ways to incorporate smart technology.

Customers who are building new homes or renovating old ones are constantly looking for ways to increase sustainability while decreasing their carbon footprints. People are more conscious of how to save money on energy bills and how to increase their health through the use of smarter appliances. As someone in the industry who builds and creates homes, you need to be able to meet these demands.

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Electric Floor Heating system installed in Kindergarten Preschool Classroom

Why Schools Need Electric Floor Heating

Learning is the key to our children’s future and comfort is the key to learning. This makes a comfortable thermal environment one of the key priorities for every principal, teacher and school board.  A comfortable thermal environment will assist in more effective teaching and learning and it will help to attract new students and teachers alike.

If you’re thinking about new heating for your school in winter, it’s already too late. Planning and installation should occur in the warmer weather, especially when staff and students are on summer holidays. For a better way to heat your school than through radiators and ducted heating, consider electric floor heating.

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Modern house bathroom with an electric mirror heater

Enhancing Bathroom Design with an Electric Mirror Heater

Interior designers and home builders should always be on the lookout for ways to offer their clients a touch of luxury. Heated floors are a great start, but have you considered the benefits of heated mirrors?

Modern households are full of technology that improves your comfort and lifestyle and bathrooms are no different. Think hands-free taps, water efficient showerheads and heated towel racks. If you want to offer your clients the very best, you don’t just install a dual flush toilet – you use all the bells and whistles. Read More

Insulation material rectangular piece being held by a technician while installing it under the slab.

The Importance of Insulation Under a Heated Slab

In-slab heating is an effective energy-saving option for large areas because it allows the slab to be used for heat storage. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that a heated slab will store heat for long without proper insulation underneath. We know that insulation is a big factor if you want to improve the efficiency of your home, whether you keep it heated or you don’t.

Importantly, if you are going through the trouble of heating your home with in-slab heating, you want to make sure you’re not unintentionally losing that heat.

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Yellow coloured in-screed twin ducting heating cable installed on the steps of a circular staircase.

Intelligence Starts with In-Screed


There is a range of different types of under floor heating technologies at your disposal. However, if you’re after one of the smartest ways to heat your home from the floors up, In-Screed technology is the way to go.

We at Comfort Heat sell a range of electric floor heating systems for your home or office that will create an even, ambient thermal environment that is also very energy efficient. Learn more about our most popular heating cable, the in-screed. Read More

Young woman rubbing her palms, feeling freezy in office

5 Reasons Your Office Needs Floor Heating


According to the Office Health & Safety Guidelines in New South Wales, room temperatures must be constant throughout winter. A business owner is required to make sure that the environment in which work is being carried out is at a comfortable temperature range for workers. If air temperature is too low, it can contribute to fatigue and cold related illnesses. Optimum comfort for sedentary or office work is between 20 to 26 degrees, depending on the time of the year. Read More