Can You Use Wood for Your Bathrooms Underfloor Heating?

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The feeling of cold feet on a cold floor in the middle of winter is an awful one, but one that everyone knows all too well. It is one of the reasons why underfloor heating is an increasingly popular and attractive choice for Australian homes, and particularly for bathrooms.  

Do you have concerns about electrical underfloor heating in bathrooms? Rest assured that underfloor heating is a safe, energy efficient and a comfy way of approaching bathroom heating, even if one were to use a wood floor in their bathroom. 

Can You Use Underfloor Heating for the Bathroom? 

No one worries about using the light in the bathroom, or electric toothbrushes and shavers, or hair dryers, or any of the other electric items which have become so much a part of our day to day experience. There is an understandable concern around using underfloor heating in a bathroom, but it’s unfounded. Underfloor heating is safe, and when designed or installed by a professional.

Can You Use Wooden Floors with Underfloor Heating?

Wooden floors can be tricky to use with underfloor heatingRadiant floor heating is used to heat the floor, making the floor itself a radiator of heat. Some wooden flooring is better than others for radiating heat. 

When selecting wooden flooring to use with underfloor heating, it is important to choose the right one. A wooden floor with low moisture content is ideal. Often, engineered floorboards are far better for purpose because they have a strong base, which is a good conductor of heat. Engineered floorboards are also layered and structured in such a way that they have a low moisture content and are less susceptible to movement. Wooden floors also need to be approved by the wood merchant for floor heating.

Can You Use Wooden Floors with Underfloor Heating in the Bathroom? 

Underfloor heating is usually done in bathrooms with tile, laminate, concrete, or some such surface. Wood floors can be used effectively with underfloor heating if the right type is chosen, although the best bet is to get in contact with the manufacturer just to make sure.  

It would be unusual to use wood floor heating in a bathroom. If it is being considered, it would be important to check with both the manufacturer of the wooden floor being used, as well as the installer of the underfloor heating system. 


If you do have any questions, or would like a quote for installing underfloor heating in your bathroom, or any other part of your house, our team at Comfort Heat are ready to help. Contact us online, or by phone (02 9979 8600) and we can start you on the well-warmed path to a cosier, more cost-effective home. 

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