Are Underfloor Heating Systems Expensive?

The appeal of an underfloor heating system is obvious: warm, toasty floors all year round and all over the house. If you’re worried about costs, underfloor heating systems don’t have to be expensive. Underfloor heating is a cost-effective way to heat your home and could actually save you money in the long run. Here’s what you need to know when weighing up the costs against the expenses. 

Is It More Expensive to Have An Underfloor Heating System?

There is an upfront cost to building an underfloor heating system, and this cost varies depending on a number of factors. What kind of underfloor heating are you having installed? At what stage in the development of the house is the work being done? What materials will the floor over the heating consist of? How many rooms are being heated? You could go on and on with specifics, and our team does just that to make sure we get your quote just right.

However, once you have underfloor heating is installed, you’ll find it’s one of the most economic and cost-effective ways to heat your home. Plus, it’s a sturdy and long-lasting way of having home heating as well as being invisible and dust free. 

Not All Floor Heating Costs the Same Amount 

There are many different kinds of floor heating – from carpet heating mats, to all over house hydronic heating – or electric systems that just heat up one room like a kitchen or a bathroom. The experts at Comfort Heat can help you find the system that’s right for your budget.

Can You Afford Not to Have One?

With electricity prices going up all the time, the sooner you have underfloor heating installed and the more money it’ll save you in the long run. It’s not a question of whether you can afford it. After you speak with our team and look at the facts and figures, the question you’ll be asking yourself is, ‘can I afford not to have one?’ 

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Why pay more to heat your home when you don’t have to? Reducing heat loss is good for the planet, and for your home budget, too. If you are interested in upgrading your chilly home to a warm and cozy haven, we can help. Our team at Comfort Heat are at the ready to assist with all your underfloor heating needs. Contact us online or call (02 9979 8600), and we can start you on the well-warmed path to a cosier, more cost-effective abode. 

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