Actuators – Putting the Control in Your Hands

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Radiant heat is an incredible way to heat your home or commercial environment. It lets you enjoy an optimal temperature without using any more energy than is absolutely necessary. The best thing about radiant heat is that it allows for a gentle, even, ambient heat that doesn’t result in any cold zones. How does it achieve this near-impossible feat? Well, it does it with the help of thermoelectric actuators.

You can’t have a comfortable thermal environment without enjoying complete control. Here’s why actuators are so important.

What is An Actuator?

An actuator is the part of the heating system that is responsible for moving or controlling it. It requires a control signal and source of energy (usually an electric current). The actuator responds to the control signal by converting the energy into mechanical motion.

In other words, the actuator allows a control system to act upon an environment – in this case, it allows you to control the thermal temperature in a room.

The control system can be a fixed electronic system, it can be software-based, or it can be based on human input through the use of a thermostat.

Actuators by Comfort Heat

Our OEM-Actuator 230V is a thermoelectric actuator. It is used to open and close the valves used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineering. The integrated micro switch with a floating contact allows for direct operation of a pump or a fan control unit. 

Made for You

We have taken the time to develop this actuator specifically for customer use. It allows you to control the circuit distributors for individual room temperature control of the concealed heating and cooling systems. Not only can you control your underfloor heating, but you can also control radiators, convectors and other similar units.

With this actuator as a part of your underfloor heating system, you can easily control the heat in every room of the house, changing thermal temperatures to suit your desires. While many of our systems turn on and off automatically, the actuator allows you to have direct control whenever you want it.

Going out for the day? Feel free to turn off your system to save energy. Want to leave the heat on while you’re at the supermarket so it’s nice and toasty when you return? You have that option now and it’s never been easier to control. 

Interested in gaining more control over your thermal environment? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Comfort Heat in Sydney for more information. View our site today and learn more about our electric heating systems and hydronic heating systems.

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