All Warm Floors Pty Ltd products and installations are covered by Comfort Heat Australia Pty Ltd Warranty Terms & Conditions as specified in warranty documents provided either within;

      a) the initial quote of an undergoing Hydronic Heating System of Warm Floors Pty Ltd or;

      b) a completed Warm Floors Pty Ltd Hydronic Heating System’s provided manual.

A service request covered by Warranty Terms & Conditions, will incur no charge for any materials, parts, tool usage or time required to either provide a diagnostic service of the Hydronic Heating System or the resolution of an issue that has risen.

A service request that is the a direct result of other parties outside Warranty Terms & Conditions, charges may be incurred for any materials, parts, units, tools or time required to solve issues encountered via the initial diagnosis.

While Warm Floors Pty Ltd and Comfort Heat Australia Pty Ltd are committed to supporting their clients to ensure the correct operation and installation of our Hydronic Heating Systems’, there is the possibility of damage from other parties on site.

$295.00 GST inclusive

Hydronic services will be completed on a system once the person/party whom has requested the service signs the below agreement to have services undertaken and approves the service fee.

A service that does not fall within the Sydney Metropolitan Area, Warm Floors Pty Ltd will need to quote an Outside Sydney Service at the time of request by the client.
This fee does not include any Non-Warranty Repairs.

Service Call (Sydney Metro):  $115.00 / call to site
Outside Sydney:  $110.00 / hour travel
Labour Normal Hours: $110.00 / hour
Labour After Hours: $180.00 / hour

Service charges will always initially consist of; 1 x Service Call and 1 x Labour Hour, regardless of the duration of works that is undertaken within the first hour.

Warranty on products and installation are voided once the integrity of the products or installations is breached by other parties.

Rectification of damage caused by others is available through Warm Floors Pty Ltd, however normal warranty no longer applies and there is no guarantee all damage can be corrected.

A repair which requires replacement parts, tools or units; Warm Floors Pty Ltd will include this on top of any labour charges.

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