>  A service call has been requested of Comfort Heat / Warm Floors Pty Ltd to attend your site to check the operation of the floor heating system installed.

>  All our products and installations are covered by Comfort Heat Warranty Terms & Conditions as specified in the warranty documents.

>  If it is found your service request is covered by warranty there will be no charge for any materials or time required to either rectify or provide a diagnosis of the problem.

>  While Warm Floors Pty Ltd and Comfort Heat Australia Pty Ltd are committed to supporting our customers to ensure the correct operation of our under floor heating systems, there is the possibility of damage from others on site.

>  Warranty on products and installation are voided once the integrity of the products or installations is breached by other parties.

>  Rectification of damage caused by others is available through Warm Floors, however normal warranty no longer applies and there is no guarantee all damage can be corrected.

Service Call : $115.00 per call to site
Labour Normal Hours : $110.00 per hour – billed by the quarter hour
Labour After Hours : $180.00 per hour
Cable Repair : $30.00 per termination
Sydney Metro [Minimum Charge] : $550.00
Outside Sydney : $750.00
First Break – Subsequent breaks : $ 100.00 per hour Cost + 10%
Special Equipment Hire : Cost + 10%
MWD5 WiFi Programmable [excluding sensor] : $238.40
MTD3 Standard [excluding sensor] : $139.40
ETN Din Rail : $190.20
Floor Sensor : $59.60
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