Floor heating is an efficient and effective heating system for residential and commercial properties.  The heat is low temperature from every point in the floor.  This means no energy wastage to heat non usable spaces, such as ceilings, or producing excess heat so far corners of rooms can be heated.  The floor heating provides an even heat throughout a property without dust, noise, air movement, dehydration or overheating.  The floor heating is also totally invisible, taking no space out of the room or wall.

Unlike many heating systems, floor heating can be managed to provide the maximum comfort levels when required so you can be in complete control of the energy usage you are paying for.  With floor and room sensing capabilities of the thermostat you can set the heating for your comfort level and budget.

Floor heating is a gentle comfortable heating system which is totally controlled so any living space is only heated as much as required and no more.  Less heat equates to lower running costs.