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Understanding your floor heating costs is a popular question, understandably, and with most of us becoming more aware of our electric consumption we advise that you understand your usage so you can use it to your best advantage.
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Heating your home or commercial project is an important decision. Many different options are available and depending on your requirements and construction, selecting the correct type of heating and application is essential.
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You do not need to be a licenced electrician or builder to install a Comfort Heat DIY heating kit. Our kits cover our full range of products from small in-screed bathrooms, under-carpet heating onto vast hydronic heating systems.
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Heating a home requires energy and this can be costly, if not managed properly.  Reducing the need for this energy reduces the cost of heating.
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With more and more off grid projects looking at heating solutions, hydronic heating is the ideal choice that covers a range of different applications.


Floor heating is an efficient and effective heating system for residential and commercial properties.  The heat is low temperature from every point in the floor.
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